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Q: What do you need to give me an accurate estimate?
A: To enable us to give you as accurate an estimate as possible we will need to know the legal description of the parcel (we are able to obtain at least a partial description by address in most of the metro area), the purpose of the survey, the scope of the surveying services that are being requested and the time frame necessary.

Q: Why do you need to know exactly where my parcel is located or I thought size would be a factor?
A: We need to know your exact location because we have to be able to determine how much information we may already have in the general vicinity.  A survey is based upon known points of location.  The more information we have on or near the parcel being surveyed generally means less setup time, both in the office and also in the field.  As such, the size of a parcel is not a reflective gauge of survey cost.  A much truer gauge is how much verifiable (to the Surveyor) information is available on or near your parcel.  Many people think of a survey as only your own property being located, a much better perspective is that we are actually tying your parcel into what is already existing in the world.  People also ask for one line surveys, which is fine, we can do that for them, but in most cases, once that first line is established, establishing the other lines on the lot is not a large cost factor.  This is because, as stated earlier, we are establishing where your property is in regard to other known points of location, thus verifying the first corner of a parcel, and setting up that first line is the bulk of the field time spent.  The previous explaination is based upon a boundary survey - on other types of surveys there may be a differing amounts of time spent shooting topography or making locations, but even in those cases you are still establishing a boundary and the same rule applys.

Q: Why do you need to know the purpose of the survey? 
A: We need to know the purpose of the survey so that we will be able to advise you of any additional survey requirements that we are aware of that may be needed to make your survey complete enough for the purpose for which you are requesting it.  It also gives us an idea of how much work will be needed to give you a product that is adequate for your purpose.

Q: Will I get a drawing?
A: We include a drawing showing the extent of field work done.  This Certificate of Survey will state the scope of what was done.  For example, if no locations are made on the parcel, a Certificate with a statement that the boundaries were staked and that no other locations were made would be issued.  The original of the Certificate or drawing is kept on file at our office and you are given reproductions for your use.  If an original signature copy is needed we can stamp it with an official seal, put an original signature over that seal and issue an original signature copy.  If needed in the future, we locate these drawing by the legal description of the parcel.